Superga x 8EyedSpud 2707 Feeding Frenzy

SKU: S71333W-ABB-35

RM399.90 MYR

Superga joins forces with 8EyedSpud, the visionary visual storytelling studio.

Founded by bespectacled best friends Nat and Jackie, 8EyedSpud’s bold and imaginative art are a combination of their passions and experience in letterpressing and illustration.

Frank the seagull found a french fry at the beach...and now all the other birds want in on the action!

Making a confident and purposeful flight, Frank ignores the flock following closely behind. The flock keeps their eyes keenly fixed on the prize, their movements synchronised in perfect harmony. They will get that fry.

The fuss-free slip-on silhouette was chosen to bring forward a minimal and endless canvas for the dynamic duo. It features an elasticized opening to allow the ease of slipping on and off, as well as extra padding on the ankle collars to ensure comfort takes precede

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