Superga 2402 Mule Organic Macrame Beige Raw

SKU: S2123XW-A00J-37

RM389.90 MYR

Our crowd-favourite mules just got a climate conscious makeover.
Featuring Organic Macrame, an open weaved upper composed of 72% organic cotton and 28% hemp.
  • 100% organic cotton shoe laces and embroidered eyelets
  • The insole of all the shoes is composed by a layer of natural cork, a simple yet extraordinary material. Among its other properties the cork is light, durable, impermeable and hypoallergenic.
  • The rubber from Superga®’s sole is natural and manually extracted from the rubber tree forests of Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. With The Organic Collection, 35% of all soles are composed of recycled rubber, taken from our own production waste.

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